Cave Born - experience

Those who have already experienced it can say the most about the Caveborn experience. Based on the testimonies of our satisfied time travelers, you can vividly imagine their experiences, which await for you

When the wind blew, then the light drew bunnies on the wall.

From the diary:
When I’m bored enough, I’ll use the U search pattern in the cave and try to find something more interesting.

Ah … it’s really nice. Would it look weird to say I’m proud of myself? Not just because of the fire, but also because I survived the night. I feel unstoppable and I admire Bear Grills.

From the diary:
Everything is slowly going to sleep – birds and nature in general.

Last night … all of a sudden I see there in the bush..a light..and there are fireflies and they just started to rise..and it was fantastic! …. it was such a view, I mean divine …

That look, that big look out..that green foliage..that’s great. Then yesterday afternoon..I wrote to myself, it started to rain and it’s pouring rain and that rain that sounds and flashes..right..in the cave, everything was great.

The view from inside the cave is beautiful. Through the green leaves of tall and very thin beeches, the sun’s rays awaken and illuminate the entrance of the cave.

If I have the opportunity, I need to take advantage of it and experience the darkness and the silence.

In any case, this experience is something special – to be with yourself, in nature and with nature.

I was already thinking last night, but I would beautify my home with a few cyclamen. But let them bloom – they breathe in their habitat. Let them announce that autumn is approaching!

Then I sat in front of the fire again and felt like I was in a huge room with a fireplace and a beautiful view of nature. In short, I felt comfortable, safe and like at home.

I listened to the drops of water falling alternately from the ceiling. Some fell on the rocks and scattered with a dull clap, but then I heard that in some places the drops fall into some kind of pools or pits with water.

About a minute before seven in the morning, the sun rose over the mountain on the other side of the gorge. The sun’s rays pierced through the canopy of tall beech trees and illuminated the entrance to the cave. The smoke rising above the fire toward the ceiling and slowly creeping out of the cave looked like a gentle curtain in the morning light. The bird singing, just filled the cave, and it seemed to me that this was a real morning greeting to the sun. I stepped in front of the cave and looked at the sun.