But, what is it really?

The Caveborn experience is a unique 24-hour holistic experience of traveling back in time. We provide a “time machine” and all the necessary necessities for survival, leaving the rest to you and the nature. Through the journey you will get to know the cultural and natural characteristics of the surroundings, and above all you will have the opportunity to be with yourself, in the environment of our ancestors and descendants.

How long does the experience take?

The journey really begins when you arrive in front of the cave of your temporary home, and ends in exactly 24 hours. Before and after that, we take care of your worry-free transport from the airport or other location in Slovenia.

What can I take with me or what do I need to take with me?

Leave all your belongings (except clothes) in the car before leaving for the location and we will take care of its’ safe storage. Yes, even the phone! You will receive a package of emergency equipment, which includes certain aids for spending time on site, first aid, protective equipment, food from a selected menu prepared by local residents made from local ingredients, instructions, SOS phone. It is recommended to take hiking boots, waterproof clothing.

What is the impact of the experience on the environment?

The whole experience is designed to be sustainable and with minimal impact on the environment. The packaging is made of recycled materials and is reused, transport to and from the location is provided by electric car sharing, water is obtained from a natural source, the business is paperless.

Do I have to stay in the darkness all the time?

No, you can stay at the entrance of the cave and move in the radius of 50 m around cave. We strongly recommend that you visit the interior of the cave at least once.

Will running water and electricity be available?

No. You will have enough water available for 24 hours and a flashlight and matches.

Can anyone else join me in the cave with me?

The experience is intended for the individual to stay in the cave, because when you are alone, it is easiest for you to connect with yourself and really perceive the surroundings around you without any additional distractions.

What if something happens to me?

You will have an SOS telephone with our number saved, to call us or an emergency number in case of any issues.

When can I go?

Due to the uniqueness of the experience, the accessibility of the caves and the protection of the natural and cultural heritage, currently only 20 people can experience the Caveborn experience per year, in the season from May to October.

How do I take the journey?

You can book a personalized experience through the reservation platform. START A JOURNEY

Who will pick me up and where can you pick me up?

We will pick you up by electric car at any location in Slovenia, and on the way a professional archaeologist will tell you stories about the local natural and cultural heritage.

Can anyone attend?

We can send anyone on the journey, but due to safety and individual approach, the experience is limited to those over 18, as the younger ones cannot be accompanied by anyone. Anyone over the age of 18 can take part in the experience, but a person must be able to walk a moderately demanding hill for about 20 minutes.

Option to participate in an archaeological-psychological experiment?

The product was developed based on a decade-long study of the impact of caves on humans and their response to caves. The research is still ongoing, so you have a unique opportunity to participate in a scientific experiment as well. During the trip you will receive special instructions with simple tasks, after the trip we will conduct a one-hour interview with you, and you will also be informed about the results of the research.