What if the secret to your future, lies in the past?

Do you ever wish someone could just take your phone away? Take you away, to disappear just for a day?

Collected worry-free from the (airport) or anywhere in beautiful Slovenia, a professional archaeologist will take you to a place of your ancestors, our ancestors.

The Caveborn Experience isn’t a holiday product.

We offer you something different, because we are you, we have been you.

Cave Born - The place without time


Here we take you to a place, without time, to find the you you’ve lost.

We offer you a chance to feel more than just nature, something primal.

A solitary journey of self-discovery, with nothing to distract you from facing your fears.

To provide you a safe, unique, raw experience, lasting just twenty-four hours, with everything you need, leaving nothing you’ll want.

To reconnect you with what the modern world has been taking from you all this time.

To instigate a change only you can make.

It’s not about survival. It’s about feeling, moving, living, experiencing the world around you.

The Cave Born experience

The Caveborn Experience is about allowing yourself to let go, to reconnect with your forgotten nature.

We collect you from anywhere in the country and we return you to anywhere in the country.

But your real story, is the journey in-between.

Want to find out more? Fill in our contact form and we’ll call you and let you know just enough to boost up your courage and send you on a journey of a lifetime…or watch the video. Due to personalized and professional approach of Caveborn experiences and the protection of natural and cultural heritage you will be one of only 20 individuals in the following year that gets the opportunity to take this once in a lifetime journey.